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Feb 14

Photo shared by Catherine Brunelle.

Photo shared by Catherine Brunelle.

Mastectomy Flirt.

Mastectomy Flirt.

Nov 22

Poem written by Phillipa Ramsden, author of Feisty Blue Gecko.

Poem written by Phillipa Ramsden, author of Feisty Blue Gecko.


Rejoice and Fight

By Sara K Boghdan

I used to live in the world
and then cancer came.
It took my breast and my trust
and left no one to blame.
I used to know who I was
and how I came to be.
I once could smile and could laugh
for all the world to see.
Fear of pain and death and strife
taunt me day by day.
They try to take and smash my heart
and tell me they will stay.
But now I know a secret truth
that fills me up with light.
I will not quit, I will not fall
I will rejoice and fight.
You see, I have my faith and friends
To  cheer me up, to cheer me on.
I will live, celebrate, and  love
until all hope and fight is gone.


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By Barbara Monahan

She remains in her darkness.
Her focus on food and work are distractions from the real challenges.
And there are thoughts about how her body feels different.

What does it matter? Does anything matter?

Being with darkness, feeling the not feeling, questioning, listening, discovery. Continuous chiming among them.
She has no energy for it though. It is like her being belongs to another.
The power is out. The connection lost.

Darkness feels like an old warm blanket that keeps her safe.
It enables her to be inactive and hidden from the life force that calls her forward.
It is a cocoon she can easily call home and say ” not now, I need more time.”
Yet the unseen changes occur within.
Changes that connect her to her being in a new way.
A new view and path for her to take flight.

It Wasn’t Right

By Parvez Dara

It wasn’t right.
The air was clear,
The day was crisp,
The light, bright.

It wasn’t right.
The night was moonless,
The Wind was calm,
The stars shone bright.

It wasn’t right.
That plans were made,
The future was planned,
And the time just right.

It wasn’t right!
It wasn’t right!
It wasn’t right!
It wasn’t right!

But the day turned cold,
The night, black
And the cold winds blew,
The future changed.

It was small they said,
It was contained,
It was removable,
It would go.

Wish they are right.
Wish it were so,
Wish they told the truth,
As wishes go.

They say don’t smoke.
They say don’t drink.
They say don’t stress.
They say just live.

But oh in life,
Where meanings change,
And don’ts do
And dos don’t.

Confusions arise,
Pink gets color,
Green gets lesser,
While research suffers.

The suffering goes on.
Limited in time,
And pain lingers,
As dreams get shelved.

Now as cancer dies,
Life is reborn.
The past is the past,
Still entwines with today.

Memories linger
Of yesterdays,
And todays slip by
Into the past.

Now it is right,
The air is clear,
The day is crisp,
And the light is bright.

Now it is right.
The night is moonlit,
The wind is calm,
The stars are bright.

Now it is right.
That plans are made,
The future is planned,
And the time is right.

The day has warmed,
The night turns silver,
As warm breezes blow,
And the future turns bright.

It is right!
It is right!
It is right!
It is right!


Poem by Parvez Dara, MD FACP. Medical Oncologist/Hematologist. Tweets as @JediPD and blogs on URL: